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The Oxford Clinic for Orthopaedics is able to provide a comprehensive service led by experienced consultants who work both privately at the Nuffield Health, Manor Hospital, Oxford and also at the nearby and world famous Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre. We are able to provide an entire range of procedures from straight forward day case operations to more complex surgery requiring an inpatient stay.

The first step in this journey will be your consultation in the clinic. This is an opportunity for the consultant to get to know you better, perform relevant investigations and discuss your treatment plan with you.

We will also be able to show you around the facility at the Nuffield Health, Manor Hospital, Oxford and if necessary introduce you to our rehabilitation teams.

Some patients will require further preoperative investigations such as additional scans or blood tests and this will also be undertaken when you come to the hospital.

You can feel should rest assured that your care will be provided by some of the world’s most qualified and experienced surgeons supported by our world class allied health professional teams.